How To Use Volume Profiling And How I Trade For A Living

7 years ago I started trading and the core reason I’ve been able to “make the turn” and do this full-time is I was introduced to a strategy called Volume Profiling. 


If you are struggling with a strategy and do not have a specific system then I highly recommend you explore Volume Profiling.  VP is the approach that I have used for 5 years and it has dramatically changed my trading and also my life.


1. Stumbling Around Looking For A Strategy: we’ve all been there

2. What is the Volume Profile: why the information is so important 

3. How To Set Up A Volume Profile: configuring the settings like a Pro. 

4. How To Breakdown A Profile: what are the key parts a profile is made of. 

5. Using The Volume Profile To Make Profits: stacks on stacks on stacks!  

6. Best Practices For A Volume Profiler: DO NOT run out half-cocked with a strategy.


TradingView Tutorial for setting up the Volume Profile

Chartbook Definition For Sierra Charts

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Trade well & watch your risk. 

– Korbs

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