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Our goal is to help you live the life you’ve always wanted, teaching you how to day trade like a professional, in order to have consistent profits and the freedom to be anywhere you want.

“There's no money to be made in the markets by being a generalist. You must become a specialist.”


We practice what we preach

The trading education space nowadays is a jungle. There are so many trainers who have no real experience in the field and teach you completely ineffective strategies based on signals and/or lagging indicators.



We want to put an end to this and promote the only method that really allows you to make significant profits and cut your losses, while getting funded in the process so that you don’t have to risk your own capital

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Get to know Aaron Korbs

Korbs grew up in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Due to a religious upbringing, he did not obtain a high school diploma or higher education. He later started a pressure washing business with a friend, which struggled for years.

Korbs realized that in order to escape the physical labor grind, he needed to improve his skillset and be able to work from his laptop anywhere in the world. Despite not having a large social network, he had always been interested in self-development.

After watching a TED talk about how changing one’s body position can increase well-being, and how increasing psychological makeup fortifies the body Korbs made the dramatic discovery that everything was malleable, linked and everything could change with a simple wish and effort put forward.

He was inspired to learn more about self-improvement and joined Tony Robbins’ Life Design program, which provided a structured process for achieving one’s goals.

In 2014, Korbs fell in love with the idea of trading and began day trading stocks. He was fascinated by the opportunity the market presented, as it was like a crucible of hopes and dreams. The disciplined traders were making life-changing sums of money.


Korbs initially relied on YouTube and Internet Blogs for information on trading. It took him a while to realize that the Futures markets even existed – wasting money paying high commissions to his broker buying and selling actual stocks.


He experimented with various technical analysis systems, such as RSI, MACD/Bollinger band combo, and MA crossovers, but still struggled to find success.


In 2017, after three years in the markets, Korbs exited his pressure washing business, sold everything he owned, and had only 10k to his name.


He decided it was time to go pro, but quickly realized that simplistic systems had no edge whatsoever – having to work nights to stay afloat. But then he discovered the volume profile and everything changed within a few months.


Korbs “made the turn” and reached consistency after “sowing his seeds” those three previous years trying everything under the sun. He had finally found the tool he instantly knew would be part of his method, simply because it was adding another factor to his analysis. Now he could see where the price was likely to go in real-time because the profile reveals high-interest price levels.


This is what allowed him to earn consistently to this day $10,000 to $20,000 per month.


Before, Korbs was using normal retail indicators that didn’t actually add any new information, instead they just filtered price through over-complicated formulas to plot lines on the screen like a child drawing on a map and saying they had discovered new land.


After achieving consistency in his profits, Korbs started his YouTube channel and founded Tradacc.


Six years later in 2023, he teaches clients how to get funded and scale their trading accounts. He has mastered the volume profile and understands the best times, products, and methods to trade, thanks to 9 years of trial and error in the markets.


Korbs is currently traveling and trading simultaneously, whilst living a structured and disciplined life: getting up at 5 am to meditate, read, exercise and do pre-market prep before the market opens.


He takes a few trades per day and has a high win rate of 74%, thanks to the raw, valuable information the volume profile provides and the powerful systems he has put in place to take advantage of these levels.


Finally, Korbs has completely reprogrammed his mind and is committed to helping others do the same. He believes that if he, a humble boy from Arkansas, can achieve success in trading, anyone can.

Our values

Your dream life is closer than you think

We believe that living the life of your dreams is truly possible. The problem is that no one has ever taught you how things really work and what are the steps to follow to become a profitable trader.

Knowledge is power

We believe that knowledge is power and that the only difference between those who earn and those who do not earn on the financial markets is access to the right information plus the right mindset to understand it.

Success is learnt from the best

We believe that to be successful, in any area, you have to learn from the best. For this reason at Tradacc we only have teachers with long, real experience and proven results.

Sharing is caring

We believe that the people around us are crucial to achieving your results. This is why we have created a community of people who share the same interests, values and goals.

Our students are our teachers

We believe that listening to customers is the new business frontier, which is why we place ourselves towards them as students who learn from their words and experience.

The art of excellence

Technique affects only 20% of our results, what really matters is psychology. That’s why we are ambitious, determined and ready to get involved, just like our students, who get great results.

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