Trade For A Living Leveraging Institutional Capital

Get mentored by Aaron Korbs, a self-developed professional Futures Trader with 8 years of experience in Volume Profile and Order Flow

For people aspiring to
trade for a living & people looking
for a reliable online side hustle

Get funded

Get funded 50k-300k so you can trade without using your own capital.

Take your profit

Make your first withdrawal from your funded account. Aiming for at least 6% of your account’s size.

Scale your account

Build your 5-6 figure trading business increasing the size of your funded account or switching to your own capital.

Our Flagship Program

Profile Method

Who is this for? Everyone serious about trading for a living or looking to expand their awareness on trading like an institution.

Get access to our most premium content with deeper understanding of market moves. This is the best place to get faster results and to learn how to trade for a living from a mentor who has been trading professionally for the last 8 years.

What includes:
10H+ HD Development Program, Highly Profitable Setups, Assessments, Action Items, PDFs, Market Action Chat, Trade Reviews Community Group, 300H+/year LIVE mentorship with Korbs including daily Trading Room and Bi-Weekly Q&A Coaching Calls.


Funding Accelerator

Who is this for? Anyone who wants to start a trading business without risking his own capital by getting funded with a prop firm.


Benefits: Turnkey system with built-in edge combined with instruction on flawless execution.


What includes: 4H+ HD Video Course, Custom real-time indicator, 2H+ Futures Masterclass, Assessments, PDFs, Action Items, and Community Group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aaron Korbs is a self-taught full-time professional futures trader with eight years of experience in the markets using order flow, auction market theory, and his specialty – the volume profile.

At Tradacc we will teach you everything you need to know to grow a thriving trading business from scratch. No stone is left unturned even if you are brand new to the markets.

We trade Futures markets, specifically the ES minis and micros.

Absolutely. Even if you don’t know what a futures contract is, we explain everything in our training from A-Z. All we ask is that you come with an open mind and put in the work required to absorb the information.

Yes! One of our clients’ favorite features of our training program is the inclusion of regular LIVE ZOOM CALLS with Aaron himself! You can ask questions, see the trades he is placing in real-time, and let him know what you are doing if you have a trading idea you want to run past him.

Realistically you can’t expect to be an amazing trader within a week or even a month, but with our highly structured training, we ensure your progress is as rapid as possible, with some clients’ becoming consistently profitable after only a few months of trading.

A more conservative estimation would be 6-12 months if you are not studying daily.

No. The beauty of the markets are that they are open most of the time so all you need is a time period that suits you. Korbs usually trades 2-3 hours and earns 1-2k.

We don’t use low-level free indicators designed to make retail traders lose money. We focus on real institutional tools that give an edge, such as footprint, volume profile, order flow, and auction market theory.

No. We propose no matter your starting capital for you to work through the following stages: simulation mode, funded account, small real-money “micro” account, and larger real-money “mini” account. This way you know you have a proven edge and dramatically reduce your risk of ruin to almost zero.

Short term intraday style. Once regular market hours are in session we place trades and we have no positions open overnight.

Of course… you can email [email protected] at any time to get your questions answered promptly.

Our mission

We help people start and grow their trading business without risking their capital even if starting from zero.


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