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We believe that most of the trading programs out there are too obsessed on secret patterns, technical indicators or “copy my signals” mantras. 

The reality is that these strategies produce low-quality trade ideas and the market is too efficient to allow an edge based on these indicators.

Our goal is to teach people how to identify high-quality trade ideas thanks to Auction Market Theory principles and to the Volume Profile, the only tool that provides real-time market-generated information.

To achieve this, it is vital to constantly monitor the experience that students have through our training programs and we have collected them on this page.

If you are wondering what is the quality of our training courses and if they can really help you achieve success in your trading activity, you have the opportunity to get a more accurate idea by listening to these reviews.

Become Finally A Profitable Trader
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“I’m now a full-time trader thanks to Korbs”


“I’ve learned things that I couldn’t learn anywhere else”


“I’m grateful to have joined Tradacc”


“I’m grateful to have joined Tradacc”


“The teachings are invaluable”


“With Profile Method I’m more confident of what I’m doing”


“I finally realised the skills that I actually needed” 


“I’m happy, more focused and can see things clearer”  



“Joining the program has been a huge advantage for me”  

Learn more about the Profile Method

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