Profile Method

The Profile Method builds on top of Funding Accelerator, adding in footprint charts, bookmap-style heat maps, and Korbs’ favorite – the volume profile. With this more advanced development, you will rapidly grow your personal account using advanced techniques more suited to intermediates.

Profile Method Curriculum

HD VIDEO COURSE: +10 hours (100% On Demand)

PART 1 – Foundations

  • Welcome - The Foundations Of This Program
  • ​Getting Setup - All You Need To Move Forward
  • ​Cause & Effect - Compound Your Bankroll Exponentially
  • ​Practice Exercise - Become A Mental Athlete

PART 2 – Specialized Knowledge

  • Why Profiling Works
  • ​​Principles of the Profile Method
  • ​​Intraday Profiles - Our Bread & Butter
  • ​​Micro Composite Profiles - Multi-Day Analysis
  • ​Composite Profiles - Big Picture Market View
  • ​VWAP - Our North Star
  • ​Trigger Levels - For Accurate Entries
  • Trade Idea Preparation
  • ​Placing Trades - ​Pulling The Trigger
  • ​​Order Flow

PART 3 – Execution

  • The New Plan Of Attack - Journal Your Results
  • ​Economic Calendar - Your Market
  • Environment Radar
  • ​Data Tracking
  • ​Personal Performance - Life Outside Of Trading

​Assessments, Exercises & Resources

​Korbs’ Sierra Charts Definitions

​Volume Profile Workspaces for NinjaTrader 8

​​Volume Profile Workspaces for TradingView

​Order Flow Custom Tool


​​Future’s upgrades

​Telegram Student Community


  • 2x Weekly Q&A Coaching Calls with Korbs
  • ​4x Weekly Live Trading Room
  • ​1x Weekly Premarket Preparation Workshop
  • ​1x Weekly Profilers Mentoring Meeting
  • ​2 Telegram Chats: Market Action Chat, Trade Reviews Chat
  • ​Over 300 live streams per year!

IMPORTANT: If you qualify, you’ll get access to both programs: Funding Accelerator & Profile Method

SPECIAL OFFER: If you qualify, you’ll get access to both programs: Funding Accelerator & Profile Method

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