Profile Method

The Profile Method builds on top of Funding Accelerator, adding in footprint charts, bookmap-style heat maps, and Korbs’ favorite – the volume profile. With this more advanced development, you will rapidly take your trading skills to the next level using advanced techniques more suited to intermediates.

Profile Method Curriculum

HD VIDEO COURSE: +10 hours (100% On Demand)

PART 1 – Foundations

  • Welcome - The Foundations Of This Program
  • ​Getting Setup - All You Need To Move Forward
  • ​Cause & Effect - Compound Your Bankroll Exponentially
  • ​Practice Exercise - Become A Mental Athlete

PART 2 – Specialized Knowledge

  • Why Profiling Works
  • ​​Principles of the Profile Method
  • ​​Intraday Profiles - Our Bread & Butter
  • ​​Micro Composite Profiles - Multi-Day Analysis
  • ​Composite Profiles - Big Picture Market View
  • ​VWAP - Our North Star
  • ​Trigger Levels - For Accurate Entries
  • Trade Idea Preparation
  • ​Placing Trades - ​Pulling The Trigger
  • ​​Order Flow

PART 3 – Execution

  • The New Plan Of Attack - Journal Your Results
  • ​Economic Calendar - Your Market
  • Environment Radar
  • ​Data Tracking
  • ​Personal Performance - Life Outside Of Trading

​Assessments, Exercises & Resources

​Korbs’ Sierra Charts Definitions

​Volume Profile Workspaces for NinjaTrader 8

​​Volume Profile Workspaces for TradingView

​Order Flow Custom Tool


​​Future’s upgrades

​Telegram Student Community


  • 2x Weekly Q&A Coaching Calls with Korbs
  • ​4x Weekly Live Trading Room
  • ​1x Weekly Premarket Preparation Workshop
  • ​1x Weekly Profilers Mentoring Meeting
  • ​2 Telegram Chats: Market Action Chat, Trade Reviews Chat
  • ​Over 300 live streams per year!

IMPORTANT: If you qualify, you’ll get access to both programs: Funding Accelerator & Profile Method

SPECIAL OFFER: If you qualify, you’ll get access to both programs: Funding Accelerator & Profile Method

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