You Can Live a Life of Freedom If You Make This One Decision


The greatest traders all have one thing in common – they don’t force things…

They wait for 1 or 2 good setups per day and capitalize on them with large size, then go about their business.

Today I waited patiently until we took out the high of the day and then took an easy short down to the POC as the market was very likely to seek balance.

Using a couple of ES contracts I made $500 with this simple 5-point move.

After that, I was done for the day.

And that’s the secret – most traders overcomplicate things and force a lot of trades.

But trading, like life, requires balance.

Sometimes you have to sit back and let things balance out…

Speaking of balance, after getting off the screens I was a literal human balancer in my yoga practice… 😉

You have a decision to make…

If you decide to chill out a bit and let good decisions arise naturally, you will find a life of true freedom…

And most likely timetable your free discovery call to learn about the Profile Method. 🙂

Then you will have the keys to the kingdom.

Happy Trading,

P.S. Today’s Profile Show Link

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