Words of Wisdom From a Triathlete Trader

Hey there!

Would you like to see another brand new Speculators Podcast episode,?

I recently sat down with Bran Barrett, a triathlete trader from South Portugal.

Bran’s a family man, trading intraday and managing over a dozen products!

He got started out in trading as a discretionary trader way back in 2011…

So over a decade in the game (just like yours truly).

View the New Podcast With Brannigan Barrett

What I discussed with Bran:

  • The results that come from lots of backtesting
  • Protecting your portfolio via automation
  • Creating his own “signal of mass participation” indicator
  • His favorite timeframe for intraday trading
  • Bran’s probabilistic risk system
  • Improving profitability by scanning your “controlled losses”
  • Finding the balance between simplification and a complex trading strategy
  • The objective characteristics of high quality breakout trades
  • Risk strategies for newer traders
  • Finding your realistic R:R with statistics
  • Why intraday trading is the best form of trading
  • Managing your mental energy tank
  • How long you should trade per day
  • Should you trade while travelling
  • Who is your real competition in trading?
  • The true definition of a profitable trader

Bran’s got some great perspectives.

Especially his definition of a trader I hadn’t heard phrased that way before…

But it really explains what we do in our profession and what our goal is in this life we choose.

Enjoy the podcast…Happy Trading!

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