With My Training They Became Pro Traders and Part of Team Tradacc!


So you’ve been on this email list for a while, huh? 😉


Do you ever feel like you’re not making much progress?

Days turn to weeks… weeks turn to months… but you’re still right where you started?

Well… at the start of the year, Ross and Jacqueline decided to make a seismic shift in their trading careers.

They both got mentorship with me and started applying my teachings.

Day in and day out they’ve been studying the market, seeing me trade live, and asking me questions.

“So what happened Korbs?”

Well, they’ve both blossomed into professional traders.

And I brought them onto my team!

I get a lot of requests for mentorship, which means a lot of Zoom calls to figure out if someone is made of “the right stuff.”

From now on Ross and Jacq will be handling the majority of these meetings.

If you’re struggling in the dark, it’s not necessary.

Should it be you’re desire to invest in yourself by receiving mentorship with me…

A call with either of my pro-trader students will enlighten you on our success options.

Schedule a time that fits your busy schedule.

Happy Trading,

P.S. Enjoy Labor Day…

I smell some barbecue! 😋

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