Why You Need to Trade Like a Dolphin

Have you ever watched dolphins swim?

The other day, I was watching a documentary…

There’s something mesmerizing about their graceful, precise movements through the water.

It’s not just their elegance that caught my attention, but their incredible efficiency.

Dolphins are masters at optimizing every move to save energy and catch their prey with astonishing accuracy.

They employ incredibly sophisticated hunting strategies, like shelling, where dolphins trap fish inside abandoned sea snail shells on the ocean floor, bring the shells to the surface, and shake them with their noses to capture the fish.

It’s not just about intelligence, but the extraordinary ability to focus efforts where it truly matters.

Imagine doing all that for inedible or poisonous prey.

It would be a total waste of energy.

Now, think of this in terms of trading.

How often have you chased one trade after another, hoping to “catch” that big opportunity, only to end up tired, frustrated, and possibly with less in your wallet than you started with?

It’s like trying to catch every single fish that passes by without stopping to consider if it’s truly worth it.

Instead, you need to be like a dolphin.

You need to maximize efficiency by choosing only those trades that offer the greatest potential for fulfillment – or, in our case, profit.

How do you pick these trades?

Analyzing the market’s current movements to have a highly probable prediction of where prices will go is the most effective way.

Volume Profile can guide us amidst all the misleading and ineffective methods out there.

Unlike others, Volume Profile lets us “see” where real interest lies, where the “big fish” are moving, so we can target our efforts efficiently and effectively without wasting energy on unproven strategies or outdated traditional indicators.

To navigate with me and my clients in this 100k-a-year ocean…

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