Why You Must Think Like a Squirrel to Reach Consistency in Trading

Happy Thursday,

It’s time for your end-of-week lesson!

You see… if you’re a new trader…

You should think of yourself as a squirrel.

Squirrels have a habit called “caching…”

Where they hide away extra nuts they find in the summer.

By winter, their environment is much tougher…

But they can rely on the profits they took earlier…

Sustaining them through their nut drawdown.

In today’s DPS I talk about why this is key for new traders.

Later on, when you’re a professional trader…

A Rambo squirrel…

You can be more aware and stay on the screens for longer.

But a new trader should trail his profit for the day and count any profit day as a solid victory.

Happy trading,

P.S. Squirrels who desire to cache more in their trading should book a call with a Rambo squirrel at Tradacc…

And we will discuss how to improve your skillset.

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