Why Defense Is the Best Offense in Trading


Hope you enjoyed your long weekend!

With everyone off the screens, the markets have been quiet.

Yesterday was a half-day of trading…

And since we hadn’t had any real volume for almost 4 days I was cautious today.

There was no need to force any action…

And it’s important in trading to understand your trade idea before you enter a position.

If there isn’t confluence then don’t enter…

We always have a choice on when to deploy our capital.

That blue box is the value area of my micro composite chart from the last few days’ action.

On the high time frame, we bounced bullishly off the value area high…

But on my trigger chart, we were selling off.

Since there was no confluence I waited for something to shape up and become clearer.

Didn’t enter any positions, but I stayed safe today.

And in trading defense is the best offense.

If you can prevent losses then the profits take care of themselves.

For a full breakdown check out today’s Daily Profile Show.

Now I’m going over the session and seeing the areas where I could have joined the action.

This post-session review helps you learn to recognize similar price movements next session.

Trust me, if you review your sessions and put in the work, your trading will go to a whole new level.


Happy Trading!

Stay Safe,

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