Whoops… Your Brain Just Got Hijacked!


Quick question…

Do YOU have a trading PLAN?

The reason all traders need a trading plan is because your brain tries to protect you whenever you enter a trade.

It goes into what I call “stupid mode.”

In this mode, all rationality goes out of the window…

The price is moving up but you are short… to ease your fears your brain convinces you that this is near the top and you just need to hold on a bit longer.

We pump up past more levels, each one you are convinced is the new high of the day.

Until all of a sudden… you get LIQUIDATED!

Been there before?

This is the fate that awaits all novice traders without a trade plan.

To reach consistency a trader needs to know what they are looking for that gives them an edge and how much to risk on each trade.

Then, let it play out.

Over 50-100 trades the edge manifests itself in your PnL.

If you don’t have a trading PLAN… then you are PLANNING to FAIL… and relying on “stupid mode…” FOREVER!

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way…

If you want my help guiding you to profitability using my methods and helping you craft your personalized trading plan…

Book a call with Tradacc, today.

Happy Trading,

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