What do you think of my Peruvian fashion?


What do you think of my Peruvian fashion?

I landed in Cusco, Peru late last night so today I was hurrying to get my trading setup complete before the morning session.

Despite the chaos I invite by moving accommodation every month, I ended up +$600 overall – one loss with CL and two wins with the ES and RTY.

See the full breakdown in Today’s Daily Profile Show.

Now… time for a big receipt from my client Martyn…

Martyn just got funded 25k with apex trader funding and he did it for fun because he usually trades with his live account…

I’m very impressed with Martyn’s trading and his trading statistics.

He figured he might as well get more capital to leverage in the markets since he is already profitable.

And now he is going for a 150K account like many of my recent students.

I’ve put together a free masterclass explaining exactly how to generate 5-6 Figures, by getting funded $50K-$300K and trading 2 hours per weekday, even if you are an absolute beginner…

Go here to check it out. 🙂

Happy Trading,

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