Use the Power of LVNs!


We’re in the final month of Spring and let’s just say that things are going nice and breezy for me.

Today we opened up and sold off straight away, so I got onboard with a short and scaled out near the bottom of the previous rotation.

I had an LVN marked from a high time frame which was my exit, bagging almost $2k profit on the day.

After this, the market just chopped…

I was waiting for confirmation that the market wanted to go lower before reentering.

But the market decided it wanted to pump.

As I wasn’t in a position – it was no problem.


The only things we can control in trading are when we get in and when we get out.

On the surface it’s simple…

But there are a few key factors to elevate your trading…

Today’s DPS: Quick 2K Profit Then Sitting Through Chop

Without my levels, I might have been like the thousands of traders who got caught out in the chop this morning…

Diced to nothing like a Japanese blow-fish.

Knowing how to enter a trade based on previous rotations, how many points your stop loss should be, how to use high volume nodes and low volume nodes from higher time frames as targets…

These are all super important factors in becoming a consistent trader.

But no one talks about these things except me.

To start your journey…

Our team is only a phone call away.

Happy trading,

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