Two More Students Got Funded!


Got some more excellent news for ya.

Matt and Anca both recently got funded…

Taking advantage of discounts with funding companies!

It means they can use the method I teach to extract money from the Futures markets…

…without depositing any of their own money into a brokerage account!

Wouldn’t that be such a relief?

I find it strange what new retail traders put themselves through…

Depositing, $5,000… $10,000+ only to lose it all because they don’t know what they’re doing and how to manage risk.

That’s where I come to the rescue.

If you hop on a call with one of my Tradacc Team Members they can show you how…

You can go from the torturous experience of being in the markets like a fish out of water…

To learning directly alongside me… how to catch your own fish… for life!

Trading (and learning to trade) doesn’t have to be difficult…

You just need the right support!

Talk soon, 😉


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