Trading profits and tango lessons

I’m currently in Argentina and I’m taking tango lessons, a very engaging and sensual dance…

The interesting thing is that trading and tango have a lot in common.

To dance it well, you have to lead your partner and you gotta read the signals from her body.

And it’s the same in trading.

You must understand what the market is telling you.

This is so important, but so underrated!

The problem is that indicators like moving averages, RSI, Fibonacci, Bollinger Bands…They can’t give you real-time market info, and they can be very misleading.

It’s like blindly relying on the weather forecast instead of looking at the sky and seeing what’s actually happening right now.

If you wanna make money with trading, you gotta know how to read the market.

And to read the market, you need the information generated by the market itself in real-time.

Once you get that, everything changes, and you can finally have a trading business making 100k a year.

Right now, I’m making 15k-20k, and you can do the same.

Do you want to join the club?

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