Trading Paradigms Supercut

Hey man!

I’ve been busy behind the scenes arranging some more high-tier interviews for you.

Starting next week we should be back to the usual Speculators Podcast Schedule – but this week I’m trying something new…

A supercut on Trading Paradigms!

View the New Supercut Now

That means asking top traders one by one:

Who is your real competition in trading?

Are we Market Surfers, Treasure Hunters, Lions on the Savannah… Fishermen?

Tune in to our expert panel teaching key concepts:

  • Understanding your natural weaknesses and accessing superior forms of thinking
  • Toxic thinking in trading – What you really need to focus on
  • The common thing to avoid that 95% of traders don’t (PnL Destroyer)
  • How markets provide unlimited opportunity
  • The fine balance of time spent trading to treat your trading as a business (not too much and not too little)
  • How markets move on all time frames through these two human emotions
  • Why does price stay in one area for a long time on high volume products
  • How to use data processing to increase your win rate
  • The power of beliefs and how you can change them
  • Staying in your lane – Why self-regulation leads to abundance in trading

Happy Trading,

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