Trading Like a Fisherman = Profit

Hey Boys and Girls,

You know… trading is a lot like fishing.

You’ve got to wait for the fish to bite like you have to wait for the market to provide you with a setup.

Only then can you start reeling!

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Given that today is a funky week…

We’ve got contracts rolling over and heavy news like FOMC…

It’s normal to expect some chop in the AM session.

The market is a little hesitant about what to do next,

but it’s OK as we can pick our trading environment.

When the markets are in “indecision mode” it’s silly to try and force something…

Just like it would be silly to try and fish in the rivers of Ohio given the “accidental” dump of hazardous materials.

If you think like a fisherman and “do patience, ” you will never enter a bad trade again.

Sure you will still lose trades, in trading nothing is certain…

But your profitability will be magnified by only taking high-quality setups!

Happy Trading,

P.S. Are you struggling with your trading?

I can help you learn how to put together quality trades – so you can master this area of your life for good.

If that’s something you’re interested in… (and you are on this list for a reason 😉

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