Trading in Ancient Greece

Ever wondered who the greatest traders of all time were?

Well, look no further than the ancient Greeks.

Or, at least, it would have been that way if financial markets existed back then.

In reality, the great philosophers might have been the wealthiest traders.

One of them was Aristotle.

He successfully applied one of his most famous concepts: “mesotes,” which translates to “the right measure”.

In simple terms, it’s the ability to maintain a balance between opposing extremes.

Applied to trading, what does “the right measure” mean?

It’s about finding a balance between work, family, and passions instead of spending 16 hours a day staring at charts (often with little to show for it).

It’s about intelligently balancing risk and opportunity in the market, without investing money you don’t have.

It’s about breaking free from the chains of unsatisfying work or ineffective techniques.

But let’s face it, finding this “right measure” is often challenging because it requires awareness.

In other words, you need a method that helps you:

  • Operate efficiently for just a few hours a day
  • Maximize gains without stress
  • Preserve your capital

This approach allows you to live a fuller life, dedicating time to what you love without the burden of financial worries weighing on you and your family.

Wondering how to achieve this balance?

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