Tradacc Student Micco’s Best Ever Trade


My man Micco’s been improving his trade ideas lately.

(Micco’s trade notes with higher resolution below)

Combining a high timeframe level with an intraday one, Micco rode out this nice 13-point drop in the price of the ES.

The trade took him about 1 Hr and didn’t involve tons of heat.

A low-stress scenario – that’s what I like to see.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your trades were like that too, ?

I gotta ask you because coaching is something that I provide.

My goal is to provide you with every resource you need to grow wholistically as a trader…

And become the best trader you can possibly be!

Sorry to get gushy on you, …

But it’s true.

If trading is for you and you’re ready to make your move…

Turning your trading into your full-time venture…

Book a call with the Tradacc Team, today.

Happy Trading,

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