This Guy Has 11 Setups?

How’s it going

Just uploaded my interview with Josh Schuler, a daytrader of futures and options on futures.

Josh has a trading style I like a lot, he’s tracking ES/NQ/RTY/CL and is discretionary when looking at price in relation to value.

Check out the full video below

New Speculators Podcast Feat. Josh Schuler + Korbs

Inside the podcast, we cover:

  • How the type of trading day effects the next day
  • Best time to Journal Trades
  • Why to name your playbook setups
  • The time to never enter a trade
  • What makes a playbook trade
  • Best way to manage a trade using alerts/ preserving psychological capital
  • How to look at data sets and find a nice edge based on statistics
  • Base your risk range off typical excursion ranges
  • Number one question to ask before placing a trade
  • How he uses market profile combined with volume profile
  • When do you actually leave money on the table
  • The only time to move up your stop
  • The opportunity cost of DIY trading without a mentor

Let me know what you think!

Happy Trading,


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