This 10-second psychological test will open your eyes

Let’s do a quick psychological experiment that will open your eyes: in the next 10 seconds, look around and find anything that is the color RED 🟥.

Yes, visually search for anything RED 🟥.

Meanwhile, I’ll count:












Now, keep your gaze fixed on the screen and tell me how many things you saw that were the color GREEN 🟩.

Yes, you got it right.

Tell me (without looking around) how many green things you remember.

I bet that while you recall the red things, the green ones don’t come to mind.

You see, this simple experiment demonstrates the power of focus.

Yes, because our brain tends to focus only on certain things while completely ignoring others.

And this type of “selective attention” is a powerful double-edged sword:

On one hand, it allows us to live more easily, but on the other, it causes us to miss things that can be crucial.

The same thing happens when you’re trading.

If you use the usual lagging indicators, you’ll end up making wrong decisions that cost you money and put your account in the red.

But if you use professional tools that provide real-time market-generated information, everything changes.

And so, you go from losing money to becoming a winning trader.

You just need the right tools and the right information.

Come closer.

Listen: if you have 2-4 hours of free time a day…

I can teach you the same trading method that changed my life and the lives of my clients.

With this method, you can build a trading business making at least $100,000 a year.

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