There Are Wild Colombian Dogs Trying to Break Into My House?

Happy Thursday, …

Hope you are staying safe today!!

There were some wild Colombian dogs barking like crazy outside while I was trying to focus, it sounded like a warzone…

And speaking of…

This morning’s session was just absolute financial warfare.

Big rotations in either direction, forcing us to lock in profits early before someone else stole our lunch!

And making us question whether our trade ideas were actually solid or if we were just forcing some action in sideways chop.

Your boy exited with a respectable $475, but golly was it tough going.

Check out the full breakdown in today’s Daily Profile Show 😉

As we pushed up I got in on a pullback, get chopped out then re-entered and scaled out as we made new highs.

We never know what will happen in the markets but that was my main trade idea so that was me finished for the session.

Good luck if you’re still trading today and keep your position size reduced! 😉

Happy trading,


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