The Travelling Trader’s Toolkit


Would you like to find out what goodies make up my mobile trading setup?

Even though I travel light…

One packed bag to be precise…

I still manage to use three screens and trade in a way that is a very Desktop-PC like experience!

It all starts with my meaty laptop…

Spoiler alert: It’s so good that I even use this laptop back home in the US with my bigger screens.

In today’s video, you’ll get the inside scoop on how to keep all your multi-screen real estate while traveling…

Plus I’m revealing –

  • A special kind of multi-purpose microphone
  • How my mouse never runs out of juice 😉
  • My favorite Bluetooth speaker system to liven things up!
  • The little-known secret to fast internet while traveling

If you’re a free spirit like me then this video should send your gears turning… and if you like I can make a follow-up on what’s inside my single travel bag.

As always – reach out to Tradacc if you’re serious about seizing your dreams, making consistent money in the Futures market, and making the world your oyster.

Until next time…

Happy Trading,

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