The Strange Psychology of Successful Traders

These factors create a winning psychology in trading…

• Exercises to strengthen the mindset;
• Working countless hours;
• Being disciplined;
• Constant studying to stay up-to-date



Here’s why…

A few days ago, I heard an interview with a “Business Coach.”

When asked how an entrepreneur, a professional, and in our case, a trader can develop a successful mindset…

The answer was surprising.

Because, according to him, what creates a winning mindset is…

… “skills”!

In simple terms, the paradigm shift is:

You don’t need a winning mindset to gain skills.

But it’s the skills you acquire that give you a winning mindset and help you earn big.

It means not just doing your job but mastering it.

Not just taking actions.

But “dominating” your actions consciously.

Knowing exactly what you’re doing and how.

Sure, you might think…

“Yes, but how do I gain these skills to achieve extraordinary trading results?”

Well, just 2 things to start (like winning traders).

Firstly, set aside emotions.

Wake up in the morning, act, and train with determination.

Just like a professional goes to work and keeps learning without questioning why.

You know you have to do it.

And you know you have to do it well if you want significant results.

Secondly, work LESS AND BETTER.

To do this, you need to analyze the market more deeply…

…in a few hours, anticipating its moves.

Exactly like my “Volume Profile” method allows you to do…

Because it helps you:

• Smartly analyze the market, not for more time.
• Maximize your profits with less effort and time (trading 2-4 hours a day).

This way, myself and many of my students, earn between $10,000 and $20,000 per month…

Discover how you can achieve similar results with my personal help →

Talk soon,


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