The Secret Behind Predicting Black Monday?

The Secret Behind Predicting Black Monday?


Let me explain…

It was 1987.

The financial world was teetering on the edge of a cliff.

No one suspected what was about to happen, except for one person.

Paul Tudor Jones.

No, even he didn’t know for certain what would happen in the market.

But he had a strong “suspicion” by observing what was happening.


In one of his interviews, he said this:

“The secret to being a successful trader is simply to have a strategy and stick to it.”

In practice, there’s no magic secret or trend of the moment…

Just like today, chasing the latest automatic bots or miracle-promising strategies isn’t necessary.

Jones’ ability was to remain faithful to his strategy, even when the entire market seemed to move in the opposite direction.

Now you might wonder…

“Yes, Aaron, but Jones was a genius, how can I replicate something like that?”

Well, you don’t have to replicate it.

Let’s be serious, there’s only one Paul Tudor Jones.

But there’s something crucial we can glean from his strategy.

And in particular, the importance of having a proven method that allows us to “look behind the curtain,” to understand the forces moving prices and to interpret the story being written in real-time.

It’s this deep understanding that allows us to navigate more safely in the volatile world of trading.

But how?

Well, traditional indicators are certainly not enough.

But something like Volume Profile is.

Because, unlike traditional technical indicators that are based on historical price data… Volume Profile focuses on market-generated information in real time.

So trading is no longer just a matter of guessing or hoping, like with traditional indicators…

…but understanding and acting based on real and current data.

My clients and I have built trading businesses worth at least 100k a year.

Interested in discovering how?

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