The One Mindset That Leads to Ruin In Trading


How are you doing?

Been a lil’ while…

Today I wanna talk (and show you a juicy video) about the one mindset that will lead to certain failure as a trader!

Trading is a game of knowing what NOT to do…

And you see, the easiest person to lie to is ourselves…

…Scientists call it the Dunning–Kruger effect.

Check it out…

Above, is the famous example of the man who robbed a bank without a mask on because he sprayed his face with lemon juice…

His reasoning was that lemon juice could be used as invisible ink on paper, so therefore his face would be invisible on the CCTV cameras.

He grinned into the cameras during his escapade… and when the cops caught up to him, his only response was: “But I WORE THE JUICE!”

You don’t want to be that guy in trading.

What makes a trader a trader is the ability to improve over time and be 100% honest with ourselves…

Find Out if You Have the GAMBLER’S MINDSET

Today’s new video will show you:

  • Why you should never “reload” an evaluation
  • What area of trading is a big mistake to spend 100% of your time on
  • The risky behavior to avoid when you start down on the day
  • Why being OK with boredom is good for your longevity
  • The genius of taking small pieces and not going for big runs

If you have ever made one of the mistakes on the video then hang around til the end because I’ve got good news for you.

That’s it, have a great rest of your day.

Happy Trading,

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