The Mysteries of the Claw Machine


What do you think is pictured below?

That’s right… It’s a Claw Machine.

These little games have been bedazzling arcadegoers for decades… like how the markets bedazzle newcomers.

But there is a sneaky design built into the claw machine…

The claws are designed to be very weak.

Just when you think you’ve got that big fluffy Pikachu ready to drop and in the bag…

His big yellow shiny face drops from your claws… forever.

Game over.

It’s like that in trading too.

The market provides millions of opportunities every day to profit.

But newcomers want to go for the highest price, massive hail-mary trades to boost their ego.

The jumbo-sized Pikachu, if you will…

But the secret to the claw machine and the markets is in taking quick small wins.

Taking out a little piece of the action and being satisfied with the move.

Then renetering another trade later when something else sets up.

That’s the secret of the arcades and the secret of trading intraday…

You gotta become a pro at taking your pieces and going in again and again.

Happy Trading, 😉

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