The Difference Between a Hobbyist and a Professional

Hey brother,

Check out this crazy image below:

Upon opening yesterday – we dumped like a waterfall.

It would have been tempting to force a trade…

Throw on a few longs…

But if you did that you most likely would have got wrecked.

The message to start off this week’s first Daily Profile Show?

You NEED to be AWARE of your edge…

Specifically: WHAT setups you are looking for…

Not wildly, randomly entering positions like a

Monkey who discovered a PC for the first time.

I’m reminded of my buddy Blaise Pascal’s quote…

As I’ve mentioned before…

Sitting on your hands makes you money…

Counterintuitive, maybe…

But by sitting out and waiting for my edge to appear…

I’ve kept myself in this trading game for the long run…

While the apes lose their accounts in only a few poorly designed trades.

I’m building up some more capital with the funding companies.

Made around $900 on yesterday’s long once we’d stopped trending,

And I was using only micro contracts. 😉

Coach Korbs.

P.S.: Stay safe for FOMC at 2 pm EST, make sure to set your stops!

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