The Curse of the Evil Trading Goblin


Part of my edge is what I like to call “Mastering the Internal Goblin.”

Yesterday, upon the market opening, I could see that an uptrend day was likely.

So when we started a strong move higher, I jumped in.

I scaled out in front of a Low Volume Node, securing some profit and reducing risk.

Then as we dipped under VWAP for a fraction of a second,


Imagining the worst, I bailed on the trade for a slight loss,

Only to see the price blast off in my initial direction immediately thereafter!

Shook and Took by that Evil Goblin… Urrrgh! (Video Here)

It’s impossible to remove this goblin,

Sometimes he makes us do stupid things.

But the key is your response afterward and making sure his control lasts as little time as possible.

As the price continued up, I remained disciplined, ignoring his voice.

He was telling me to re-enter or chase the price action like a degenerate gambler.

But I know that’s not what successful traders do.

Because we have mastered our goblins.

I knew other setups would resurface later,

And if not, I was only marginally down for the day.

In the end, I snagged a re-entry and ended up +$660. 🙂

The goblin was vanquished.

Your coach,

P.S: By the way, if you’re liking my emails and wanna trade like me, give a Tradacc team member a quick zoom call and we’ll see what could be a good fit for you.

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