Stoic Speculators Podcast with Joseph Gasperoni aka JTrader

Hey there!

We’ve got a banger of a Speculators Podcast for you with Joseph Gasperoni aka JTrader.

Joseph trades small cap stocks, big caps, futures and options.

He’s currently running about 5-7 trades a day and when it comes to his process he is VERY systematic.

Using his years of Taekwondo, Ballito and Body Building Discipline it’s actually crazy how much data he tracks to stay at the top of his trading game!

From waking up in Italy at 6am daily (even though he trades New York session) to giving up a portion of his Sundays for his students… Joseph keeps pushing.

Jump Into This Week’s Speculators Podcast With JTrader

In our interview, we talk about:

  • His morning routine, the gratitude he feels for his position
  • Why gym and meditation stops him from BLOWING UP
  • Afternoon plan for small caps
  • Best tools for Joseph’s trades
  • Joseph’s favorite setups
  • What data gets tracked for those setups
  • The genius of Larry Williams
  • How progressing in trading affected his total screen time
  • Why we both prefer day trading over swing trading
  • What one stock, timeframe and setup he’d trade if he had to
  • The ultimate trading hack – emotional management
  • The four questions to ask before every trade
  • Why to journal and how to best take your notes
  • Which KPIs to track
  • How your food macros affect your trading
  • The brilliance of adopting a stoic outlook in trading

All in all a great talk and I know you’ll get something out of it, so dive on in!

Happy Trading,

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