Speculators Podcast With the Nasdaq Bulldog Matt Kenah (PAX)


Today I’ve got a very special guest with me on the Speculators Podcast – Matt Kenah aka PAX from the CME Trading Floor.

Matt was somewhat of the Nasdaq bulldog in the 90s, getting rich-rich by his early 30s.

But then a series of events unfolded…

Putting him back to square one – and forcing him to drive Uber!

Tune in to see how Matt turned things around with his faith and dedication to the markets

Some of our topics today:

  • Which markets he trades
  • His trading style based on his pit experience
  • The effect of new computized volume on trading in 2003
  • Matt’s stint trading Hog Futures
  • The meaning of his nickname PAX
  • Effects of the 2008 crash on his portfolio
  • How many trades per day he takes
  • Average hold time of trades
  • The four emotions Matt requires to trade his normal size
  • The perks of Trading Music
  • Why to split up your post-market analysis sessions
  • The special secret of the 91 year old chairman of the CME Group
  • Favorite indicator (glad he chose this one)
  • The trading surfing analogy
  • Tips to succeed for retail traders
  • When to scale in to your trades
  • Why crypto moon-boys won’t make it
  • Number one thing to look for in a mentor
  • Thoughts on Jesus

As you can see… quite the gamut there.

Matt’s an experienced veteran… we could have gone another hour I am sure.

He’s planning to keep his new wealth using his hard-won lessons from the markets.

All the newer traders out there will definitely get very useful tips from this interview.

Happy Trading!

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