Speculators Podcast with the King of Crude Anthony Crudele

Hey old buddy old pal,

This Friday we have a very special guest – I’d like to introduce you to the legendary Anthony Crudele.

You see , Anthony’s got a storied history in our profession.

Today’s Speculators Podcast plots out his ascent…

From 18 year old CME floor “runner” to making millions with Crude and S&P500 Futures/Options.

Dive into the Crudele/Korbs Podcast right here

In this week’s Speculators Podcast we cover:

  • Anthony’s three ways of trading
  • What products he trades intraday
  • Why he moved into electronic trading ahead of the curve in the late 90s
  • How tall you needed to be in the pit to be competitive and how he was a small at 5′ 11″!
  • Explaining how he “arbed the floor” until 2010
  • Why he chooses to trade from an office
  • What he adds to his morning coffee
  • Daily routine
  • Importance of energy preservation in trading
  • How he transitioned to swing trader from intraday
  • How to utilize AM news if the “narrative is stupid”
  • What’s his favorite way to trade the ES – 1 timeframe + 1 indicator
  • How he combos indicators to understand the trade environment
  • Removing redundancy in your setup
  • The major error with a new trader’s methodology
  • How to find your strategy and get good at execution
  • Why there are many valid ways to trade and the key thing all good traders share
  • Anthony’s viewpoint of the market mechanism and why he loves the opportunity
  • Why trading is a tough but worthwhile journey
  • Social media thoughts
  • Reducing pressure by diversifying into other businesses
  • What can happen to you if you pressure yourself to trade perfectly

It was a great talk with Anthony.

He’s a really smart and nice guy to boot.

I liked his final thought that the markets won’t change.

All algos are coded by humans so inefficiencies will always be there for day traders to take advantage of!

Enjoy the podcast and I’ll touch base with you soon.

Happy Trading,

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