Speculators Podcast with Peter Reznicek


Hope you had a green week if you were trading!

Today I’ve got an information-packed interview for you with Peter Reznicek from ShadowTrader!

Peter’s big on technical analysis and using market profile.

He’s an options contract seller who also trades futures and equity products.

His philosophy is that the markets are not random and that…

A smart trader understands how the emotions of fear and greed underpin price.

Watch the new Speculators Podcast with Peter Reznicek Here

In our call we went over:

  • Why pre-market prep is essential
  • “Chop” isn’t noise – it’s pure value in an efficient market
  • Why you should avoid meme stocks and which stocks to trade (FANG+T)
  • Trading businesses should focus less on looking good and more on providing legitimate education
  • Why profile trading is beautiful
  • The reality that not everyone can be a trader
  • Avoiding bad trades more important than trying to find the “golden goose” strategy
  • Key health elements to improve to maximize success as a trader
  • The difference between a “good loss” and a “bad loss”
  • Best method to remove all limiting factors in your trading
  • How long it took Peter to be profitable
  • Why traders should focus on market context and not their PnL
  • What to do instead of backtesting
  • Unlock revelations by noting your mindset in trade reviews
  • Who should use “gut trading” (hint: not newbies)
  • Thoughts about life outside of trading

The hour Zoom-ed by (see what I did there? 😉 with Peter due to the action packed nature of our conversation.

I liked how he said intraday Futures traders need to be hyper-vigilant and cut a trade when “what shouldn’t happen does.”

Also a good reminder than PnL is a function of the size of your trading capital.

Newer traders especially shouldn’t obsess over their gains being “too small,” as your profit will grow over time.

Peter’s on the screens 6 hours a day making 5-15 trades per week.

What’s interesting is that he isn’t a day trader he just analyzes current price to discern if his higher timeframe ideas are still valid.

There’s a lot to be learned from his patient approach and our interview, today.

Happy Trading,


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