Speculators Podcast With My Buddy Jack Schwager!

Hey boys and girls – Would you believe it…

I’ve got a Speculators Podcast with Mr Jack Schwager for you!

Of course, Mr Schwager is famous for his massively popular book series “Market Wizards…”

Where he interviewed most of the top names in trading!

Nowadays Jack is bouncing between New Jersey and Florida…

Enjoying swing trading a bit of Futures when he isn’t being interviewed himself!

Watch my interview with Jack Schwager

Today’s discourse with Jack is a multivariate analysis of the Market Wizards…

What makes them different?

What makes them the same?

Topics delved into:

  • Market Wizard personalities and commonalities
  • What was striking about the wizards’ offices
  • Which wizard trades 24/7 with a mad obession
  • The wizards that “got away” from Jack
  • The real traits of pro traders
  • Jack’s unfiltered thoughts on crypto
  • The role of your ego in trading
  • How to review your trade journal to improve your trading
  • Forming your own trade style by working with mentors
  • Importance of grit in overcoming trading obstacles
  • What’s the average age of successful traders
  • Best approach for a new trader to start profiting from trading
  • How Jack likes to enter his trades

It was nice to have a sit down with Jack!

His advice for new traders to stick on demo until profitable would save the average trader $$$.

Don’t miss this one,

Happy Trading,

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