Speculators Podcast With Moritz Czubatinski


Happy Friday.

Today I’ve got a podcast for you with none other than Moritz Czubatinski, founder of Edgewonk and Tradeciety.

Short background – back in 2005, Moritz started out playing online poker.

He was full-time and crushing.

Until Black Friday 2011… when the DOJ took down the biggest poker sites for not checking the source of customer funds.

Imagine waking up… turning on your computer to play poker professionally and seeing that image on your favorite poker site.

Due to the site owners lack of due diligence, poker players (through no fault of their own) were suddenly out of a job… and struggling to get their money out.

Moritz needed a new livlihood.

Then, he discovered day trading.

Within a couple of years, he was crushing again in his new career.

Now Moritz lives in Hong Kong, trades 30+ forex pairs 😂 and enjoys taking money from the banks.

Having recently gotten married and hanging up his travelling boots, I managed to pin him down for an interview!

Feast Your Eyes on the New Episode of the Speculators Podcast With Moritz Czubatinski

On the call we discussed:

  • His trading style (unless a great video game comes out)
  • How long to scan all his pairs and prepare for the day
  • What he looks for to enter a trade
  • What % of your trading should be discretion
  • Daily routine of a day trader in asia
  • Why to journal immediately after session
  • Best way to relax on the weekend (healthily!)
  • Favorite hobbies outside of trading
  • How Tradeciety was formed from two bloggers
  • Why Moritz prioritizes trading over everything else in life
  • What backtesting is actually good for
  • Best backtesting software
  • How to “hack” your brain and benefit from bad trades
  • His main trading weakness
  • Why “grinding” in trading is completely different to poker
  • Reality of the value of emotional capital (can lose in one day)
  • Why your forex broker should be regulated in one of these three regions
  • The nefarious schemes of illiquid smaller brokers
  • Favorite timeframe and forex pair
  • Which trading strategy is right for your personality
  • How long to trade each day for money or for freedom
  • The characteristic of successful traders
  • Anyone can be a successful trader if they remove these limiting beliefs
  • Importance of meditation as a trader
  • Why journalling is needed to succeed as a trader

Have a good weekend!


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