Speculators Podcast with FX Trader/Trading Performance Sara Jorge

Hey 🙂

Today I’m joined by the lovely Sara Jorge for a nice exchange on my weekly Speculators Podcast.

Sara’s a Portuguese trader and mental-game coach currently living in Valencia, Spain.

She started out with swing trading… and found her grove trading intraday on the 15m timeframe. 🙂

We delved into a lot of trading psychology in our discussion…

Watch @PerceptivTrader and Korbs Expound on Trading Performance in This Week’s Podcast

So if you never considered this aspect of your trading, then this podcast is DEFINITELY for YOU!

In today’s call, we talked about:

  • Balancing trade management with other work
  • How her book helps improve your trading
  • The mindset shift to avoid a “I must win today” mentality
  • The most problematic emotion in traders
  • How to identify and rate your triggers from 0-10 in severity
  • The key of “timing your triggers” to resolve trading errors
  • Best ways to reset your triggered brain
  • The two types of books you should be reading at all times
  • 100s of cognitive biases
  • Which is the MOST DEADLY psychological bias in trading
  • Why to be aware of your hidden “positivity bias”

Ultimately, we’re talking about not giving your power away…

But how do you do that?

Tune in to find out!

Talk soon,


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