Sick Korbs Still Brings Home the Bacon

Hey, what’s up?

I’m not feeling too hot today…

But that didn’t stop me from making $1500 bucks in a single trade 😉

I took a short off the open targeting the bottom of my micro composite value area.

Added more when we reached the top of the value area.

Scaled out on the way and exited before the bottom.

No point in pushing things when the odds start to go against us.

Especially since I’m feeling a bit under the weather and this is a performance based business.

I talk more about trading being an “eat what you kill” type of gig on today’s Daily Profile Show,

If you’re not feeling your best it’s OK to take it easy…

Happy Trading,

P.S. Check out my free “get-funded” masterclass if you haven’t already.

OK… time for me to go drink a liter of water haha.

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