Shadow Trader/Peter Reznicek Returns!

Hey man, Aaron here.

Just had a nice and sunny call with Peter Reznicek.

Peter’s also know as The Shadow Trader.

Not because he hides in the shadows (I found him in his idyllic new house in the LA Valley)…

But because he is a veteran to this trading game…

Trading and holding options strategies for 2-5 days as his bread ‘n butter…

And droppin’ pearls of wisdom like it’s candy on Halloween.

Tune in for My Second Interview With Peter Reznicek

What did we discuss:

  • Why the market isn’t out to get you
  • How to get rid of nerves in the markets
  • Why time in the markets doesn’t mean more edge
  • How to avoid being seduced by price action and losing sight of your plan
  • The simple emotion that the best traders are OK with
  • Envision your trades as a string of results to avoid tilt
  • If you’re a mean reversion trader you need to understand your contract to avoid being “runover”
  • How to recover after a blow-up
  • Best way to improve your trading
  • How Peter exits his options debit trades
  • The problem with most retail trader’s mindset – ego vs professionalism
  • Thinking in advance of profit targets and sizing accordingly
  • Why you should focus on losing more than winning
  • The power of waiting for the perfect setup
  • What should new traders asking for certainty do?

Peter’s sage advice is always music to my ears.

It was great having him on for a second time.

Should be good to see his new market breakdowns once he sets up his new studio.

Enjoy the new pod!

Happy Trading,

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