See How I Made $1K Per Hour This Morning

Hey there,

I hope you’re having a terrific Tuesday!

Because I certainly am!

Just a beautiful clean trade today.

So it’s FOMC eve… we are expecting a bit of consolidation before the big moves tomorrow.

However… the markets are fractal,

and we can profit daily…

Before the open I had a short bias.

It was very likely that we fill in half of the gap we left while trading higher overnight.

It’s called the half-gap fil.

I wanted to make this trade since the open, but we had some news coming out at 10 AM I decided to let pass first because your boy is all about that risk management!!

After the 10 AM news spiking the price, I got short at the open, looking for 4007…

After a little heat, I hit a first scale, a second scale at the developing days POC, and exited the trade when we had some issues around 4009 – leaving long wicks on my PnF chart.

I wanted a couple of points more, but we had just dropped 10 points since my first scale and I didn’t want it to reverse on me.

So closing out the trade, I ended up +20 points ($1000) in an hour of trading.

Not a bad hourly “wage” I am sure you will agree…

Check out the full breakdown in today’s Daily Profile Show.

I’m staying flat for the rest of the day.

If any of the jargon in this email confused you… make sure to tune in tomorrow at 12PM EDT tomorrow and ask me live on YouTube so I can share the love. 😉

Happy trading,

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