Screw These Fake Gurus! 😡


Welcome to the start of the trading week proper…

…I don’t trade Mondays. 😉

Yesterday was Constitution Day and it got me thinking…

I love free speech…

But there is one kind I hate.

Whatever the “fake gurus” post. 😂

You see, it’s pretty easy for those forex guys to post on Instagram about crazy results with their rented MT4 servers.

Another thing to show a full year of your regulated brokerage statements showing consistent 10-20k months.


I want to highlight the fact that I’m the real deal and provide quality education/mentorship.

Tuesdays from now on will be “Testimonial Tuesdays” where I highlight a recent happy student.

Exhibit A…

Sudip loves the fact that I lay out the 4 pillars to trading success even in my introductory program!

Tradacc is here to support you in reaching your trading goals as fast as possible…

When you’re ready to take things to the next level and make 5-20k a month?

Schedule in a call with one of my trader team over here –>

Happy Trading,


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