Say Hello to Mr Serenity (Speculators Podcast)

Hey man!

It’s that special time of the week…

I’ve got a brand-new Speculators podcast for you with Tom Basso aka Mr Serenity!

Watch the Speculators Podcast With Mr Serenity

Tom’s currently chilling in the mountains of Arizona whilst running 9 trading strategies simultaneously…

How can he run all those starts?

Well, he’s working with some Michigan boys coding up “simtrader” so you can run multiple time period strategies in the cloud.

It sounds really awesome, making sure all new traders have all their checks and balances in place.

On our call we bounced around a number of topics, namely:

  • His new book “The All-Weather Trader”
  • Filling in potholes – How multiple strategies smooths your equity curve
  • Beginner mistakes – erroneous position sizing and other biases
  • What Tom thinks is his real job description – hint: it’s not “trader” or “Hedge Fund Manager”
  • Tom’s morning routine
  • How he easily manages overnight system fills
  • Outdoor Persuits
  • The caff/decaff dichotomy – biohacking for max focus without anxiety
  • How to pace your life for maximum productivity
  • Why trading is like chemical engineering
  • How to save on broker comissions by “netting off” different strategies (also means your broker can’t steal your method)
  • Best way to reduced trading emotions with this unique outlook
  • How Tom defines new strategies in a text document in such detail that they can be rapidly codified
  • Why AI is just a fancy google search
  • How automation can increase your win-rate

It’s a good one, enjoy.

Talk to you soon…

You boy,


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