Price Action Godfather – Exclusive Al Brooks Interview

Hey man,

I got a treat for you!

A talk with the one and only Al Brooks.

If you didn’t hear about Al Brooks then you’ve definitely been hiding under a rock somewhere.

If there was someone who was “The Master Market-Statistician” it would be Al.

Al’s had a long and successful trading career, but he is still trading 7 hours a day!

While his friends are playing playing pickleball, Al will be scrutinizing 5min candles!

Check out our discussion here

Here’s what we discussed today:

  • Perspective – Why Al doesn’t care about old errors
  • Why he prefers time based charts
  • His view on the probabilty of success on any given trade
  • How many trades he takes per day
  • Becoming the “relaxed fisherman” / His favorite “big fish” trades
  • Surprise reason why he trades the S&P 500
  • Al’s quick “trade-size hack” to keep focused
  • How many thousands of Chart Patterns contained in his encyclopedida?
  • The Magic of Double Tops
  • What % to risk as a trader
  • Best way to scale into trades
  • What RR to look for on breakouts vs reversals
  • His favorite time frame/How to pick yours
  • Discussing the fractal nature of the markets
  • Why you need multiple trading accounts when you’re rich
  • When to use buy stops vs buy limits
  • Most important quality for a trader
  • His desire to trade forever
  • Ultimate exit technique when riding a trend

If you listen to this podcast you’ll quickly learn that Al is about this life.

He admited during his hours trading he’ll never be away longer than 5 minutes.

That’s passion for the markets and dedication I love to see.

Scoop up some gems from this podcast.

Happy Trading!

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