Ordo Ab Chao


The title of today’s email is Latin.

And it’s the motto of the Freemasons!

Meaning Order Out of Chaos.

But don’t worry…

Your boy isn’t a Freemason (or am I?).


A big part of going pro as a trader is focusing only on the “meat” of the move…

Extracting order from the chaos of the markets.

(Taking $2000 of “meat” today) ☝️

New traders like to try and catch tops and bottoms, but the thing is…

Every tick a trade goes in your favor, the potential drawdown from peak equity vs future reward increases.

So it only makes sense to always be looking to reduce risk even when a trade is going your way…

Which is why I preach so hard about scaling out. 😉

Today’s DPS: Your Boy Making Some Tasty Gains

Like anything worth having in life…

Trading is a skill.

And it takes showing up and making the necessary improvements.

Even if you know what to do you might still not do it without a group for accountability.

Which is only one part of what’s on offer in the Profile Method.

If you’re interested in really making a commitment to handling your trading skills, join us inside.

Happy trading,

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