“Only People in American Timezones Can Trade the S&P :(”

Hey man,

We get people from all over the world joining Tradacc coaching.

Learning the ropes of trading is a process…

But you will fail at the first hurdle if you are looking for excuses.

One of the favorite excuses I’ve heard about why trading won’t work…

“I live too far away from the US markets :(“

Well, Mr Jamie Davies here is from Australia and is having no problems at all.

In fact we have many Australian clients, and they’re on the opposite side of the world to me!

The reality is that the Futures markets trade 23 hours a day…

There is an “Asian Session,” “London Session,” and “New York Session.”

Actually, there are two New York Sessions in a single day, AM and PM.

So unless you are unavailable 24/7, there is always a timeslot for you to make some money doing what we love – trading.

If 2024 is going to be your year and you’re ready to succeed… Hit Us Up On Zoom.

Happy Trading,

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