NEW Interview With a Market-Neutral Trader

Hey, – It’s That Magical Time Again!

That’s right…

A new Speculator’s Podcast!

I had a call a few weeks ago with Andres Granger.

He hit me up out of nowhere and his unique background got me curious…

So I immediately invited him on…

Tune into the Pod here

Some of what we covered –

Andres has:

  • Trained with Gary Norden (who I had on previously)
  • Been a trader for Hyundai Investments
  • Worked in a prop shop in Seoul, South Korea where they were hitting the top of the Binance PnL leaderboard daily.
  • Specializes in market neutrality, order flow, and statistical arbitrage trading
  • Started a hedge fund with 2 different systems!

Unusual to say the least, huh?

Tune in for a very interesting conversation.

Your boy,

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