New Environment for the Markets?


On Tuesday I had a good trade from the “polish tractor attack” news, which was Ukraine by the way, not Russia (my bad).

But if it hadn’t been for that news, Tuesday and Wednesday would have been tough to trade.

Yesterday someone on stream mentioned zero day-to-expiry options on SPY being available for the first time on Tuesday…

Maybe that’s what’s really shaken up the market into this weird “casino mode?”

Similar action was visible over both days…

Yesterday we had a small range but never really hit extremes…

Just a lot of volatile choppy action and only finally getting back above VWAP during the last 5 minutes before close.

Maybe this will keep up for a week while the market gets used to these new option expiry days?

It’s certainly a scalper’s paradise right now…

So while the algos keep firing I’m being extra careful this week.

Now would be a good time to dial down the risk…

Focus on your studies…

By the time we launch this Black Friday…

The markets should have returned to normal.

And with my new training…

Your Trading Life will never be the same. 😉

Your coach,

P.S: I appreciate each and every one of my readers. 🤝

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