My Student Just Made 138%


Regular readers will know we did an uber-challenge recently within Tradacc.

We had participants start with $625 drawdown on a 100k challenge account.

The rules were one trade per day with one full size contract.

Bear in mind that even on a discount-broker margins are usually $500 a contract for ES and $1000 for NQ.

So the only way to win this challenge was to push our limits while also managing high risk positions.

I gotta stress: We made it likely that traders would blow up, by design.

A hunger games challenge if you will.

In your personal trading, you would want to have higher available margin to be trading full size contracts!

With that said – The challenge has concluded and the results are in!

We had 6 brave warriors take part, 3 of our soldiers fell by the wayside and 3 ended in profit.

Glenn finished with a 138% gain and won a $500 prize from our community rewards chest!

Jacq managed to finish with a 43% return and Veronika with 9%.

Bear in mind that top hedge funds make 20% in a YEAR!

Here’s one of Glenn’s trades…

He finished with a 47% win rate profiting on 8/17 trades.

There you have it.

Even if you win “only” 47% of your trades you can be extremely profitable in your daytrading.

To join our trading community and maybe take part in our next little challenge like this one, join here.

I’ll teach you how I extract consistent profits with the Volume Profile Method…

And go live with you five times per week so you can too.

Your Boy,

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