Mental Game of Trading With Jared Tendler


We’ve had this guest requested for some time…

It’s Jared Tendler – the mental game coach!

Join Me in the New Speculators Podcast With Jared Tendler

Jared started out as a high-level golfer.

Through his understanding of golf psychology, he went on to be a successful mental coach for golf players.

One of those golfers was heavily into poker, so in 2007 he branched out.

He’s the author of the 2011+2013 book “The mental game of Poker 1+2” and more recently the 2021 book “The mental game of Trading.”

Join us for a deep dive into high performance and staying on your A game:

We discuss:

  • The number one kind of trading “tilt”
  • Understanding the Yerkes-Dodson Curve
  • Warning signs of “emotional creep!”
  • Why you need a trading system before looking into psychology
  • How to avoid “the pressure cooker” – applying mental control to emotional problems
  • Short term hack to notice your emotions in real-time while trading
  • The silly things new traders do – think trading is only technical
  • Best way to make progress on mental performance
  • What question to ask during “tilt” to find the emotional root
  • Why there’s nothing wrong with your discipline… just learn to spot these “early warning signs”

Enjoy the podcast!

Happy Trading,


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