Master Your Trading Mornings

Good day,

Do ya wanna learn the secret morning routines of the most successful traders?

Seeing the commonalities between these traders can be very eye-opening.

How do they avoid the common pitfalls that us lesser mortals fall victim to?

Today, we’re gonna find out…

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Some of the things I discussed with my guests:

  • Don’t fight biology! – Andrew Huberman’s 2 keys for naturally waking up
  • How sleep time + quality affects mental cognition
  • What to read before the market opens
  • Importance of gratitude and goals
  • The shocking effect of ice baths on mental clarity
  • Why “Fat Cat” doesn’t eat food while trading
  • Don’t drink this popular drink to avoid overtrading!
  • 15m activity to prep the mind for the tasks ahead
  • Best way to improve mood before the market opens
  • Why you should mentally run through your setups
  • Take this long before looking at charts for your brain to warm up

It’s a great compendium of advice.

The interesting thing is the number of similarities between these traders.

There are also a few differences…

Tune in to find out what time Brian Shannon starts preparing the previous day!

Talk soon…

And Happy Trading!

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